I dress to confuse my mood, even myself! Sometimes  its Python skin  and Washed acid jean dress on khoi tribal printed leggings…Cobblestones, torn pumps and Sidewalks. Bright things on shiny things.
Print on Print on Print. 60 MINUTES outfit. no planning, nothingness, just Mix-miss insanity and a false atmosphere!



feet don’t fail me now….


Thanks for being there and being here, You don’t have to but you still do, i appreciate every click and flickin-refreshin through thus far..

… till next time, because i got more 🙂

The Khoi-fro fashion artist.

Kissed by the sun twice.


The Khoi- Fro Fashion Artist

“I’m learning.”

All i know is my passion, my love, inner fire for this passion. Namaste. My aleph. My alchemy. Kanye west said it better, “I’m soaking in these last moments of anonymity.”  I know I am going to make it. FAR and beyond. I know that this is going to happen.

I don’t know why or how i got into this, all i know is am here. Fire made flesh. Why do i love the sciences of appearances so much? The science of being? the oddity of it all? mixing and missing the point, regardless of what “they” say? i don’t know – i just feed of it.  i am gon’ make the world a beautiful place, One garment at a time. And “they” will know that sometimes a King is a WOMAN.  Yesterday, she was clever. S/o to my little sister Botlhe for creating this fire with me. Image


Onwards, upwards- we go.

THE KHOI-FRO fashion artist

mix and miss!