The Khoi- Fro Fashion Artist

“I’m learning.”

All i know is my passion, my love, inner fire for this passion. Namaste. My aleph. My alchemy. Kanye west said it better, “I’m soaking in these last moments of anonymity.”  I know I am going to make it. FAR and beyond. I know that this is going to happen.

I don’t know why or how i got into this, all i know is am here. Fire made flesh. Why do i love the sciences of appearances so much? The science of being? the oddity of it all? mixing and missing the point, regardless of what “they” say? i don’t know – i just feed of it.  i am gon’ make the world a beautiful place, One garment at a time. And “they” will know that sometimes a King is a WOMAN.  Yesterday, she was clever. S/o to my little sister Botlhe for creating this fire with me. Image


Onwards, upwards- we go.

THE KHOI-FRO fashion artist

mix and miss!


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