I had long made up my mind, but Waiting is painful. What I know is Passion makes you do things. Working towards your ultimate dream is excruciating especially if your roots are tied to the “motherland”. It is time for Africa to live beyond the equator. Rub and blow your neurons together,rather than live and watch your intellect be sold back to you, in a box or through a piece of garment. You then, cry. Yes,Tears are words that need to be written. Write! Notice that, write and do are at equivalence here. Its time we SAY IT, AFRICA! We are kissed by the sun twice. We don’t sweat, we shimmer. NOW SHIMMER! Berlin, i left you because i had to go elsewhere. I will forever treasure your taste..Image




 your luxury..


Your spotlight…



your heART..
I captured you to taste you twice, in the moment and in retrospect.What if i told you I had quit it all before this trip to Berlin? Absence of pleasure,OF LAUGHTER in my life, stale dreams, wishing and restlessness. Going to the bus stop weighed me down. Being “South of the Equator” weighed me down. Felt like i was dead. And then this trip came.. YOU saved me. Thank you God. Thank you Berlin. You saved me.

till next time, because i got more.


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