Botswana on Fashion and Photography!

….unconditional love to caging and freeing reality!

If a picture says a thousand words, Petra Rolinec’s are the words!! Intriguing and unique style of fashion photography, her work at the intersection of contemporary photography, represents a very different way of seeing the world of fashion and is truly exceptional. Her masterful use of light, balance and a spare composition create an understated elegance! Inspired by different sources, mainly drawn out of love and seeing things that were created with love for life and all its beauty, she creates an ART- broadly defined! Muted, shadowy, surreal-marking a significant break from the bland aesthetics of photography, hers has captured us and gracefully walked that line between elegance and edge. She turns fashion into an exotic escape. We love her work because, like art in general-doesn’t tell about today only, it speaks truths about yesterday and tomorrow! One thing for sure, Petra surely leaves a piece of her soul in every image- every photograph is her soul’s silhouette. Gain an understanding of Fashion Photography, and appreciate the importance of visual communication within the world of fashion. Botswana fashion photography is on the rise and what way to celebrate this by showing you one of our gatshy favourite fashion photographers here!? Learn more of her gatshy work at http://www.8tiesbaby.com

Model Julie Juice Tsile in Botho Chalebgwa botocy creations. Breath-taking!
Model Nature in Delayna Melissa Donica Scott. Fashion Escapism!
Model Michelle Ngaa Chikazunga in Kagiso Lesotlho creations. Nubian Queen!
Model Botho Naima Nanvula in Kagiso Lesotlho designs, gracefully welcomes the golden hour, into town. Love!
The hand that is blessed. Petra Rolinec, the photographer.

PHOTOGRAPHY by: Petra Rolinec/ http://www.8tiesbaby.com
MAKE-UP: Jennifer Osei-Mensah and Gwen Issacs

till next time because I got more!

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