The Khoi-fro goes to Jo’burg…dreams close to home.

I experienced the element of fear, uncertainty and doubt. What if i come back in a casket? What if i get mugged. What if…
You see, I love travelling. But I didn’t imagine travelling to Johannesburg anytime soon. If i was to travel to Jozi, it would be by air to O.R Tambo and back. These past holidays,on a Saturday morning, i refused to give up on my dreams. I had to remember my own name. Surely my mother didn’t give me this name for nothing. Tsholofelo. Hope. I had to pay a price of commitment, hopped on the next sprinter with my heart’s keeper and hoped for the best. Yes. A minibus- combi. I Hopped onto the next Combi to Jo’burg. I was going to Jo’burg! The place i had so much fear for, for the longest. “Why wrinkle your soul by giving in and giving up because of fear?”.. I knew i had to go there. Money and Time are a commodity made by man. I had neither, so i had to go. Something awaited…

For the past couple of months, again, i had been feeling like my mind was in intensive care. The neighbours are still gossiping about the same things, latest scandal, the constant complains about the things the government promised to do but hasn’t. Nothing has changed. But I knew that after that Berlin trip, anything is possible and that I am different now. This intensive care feeling, not a single pill can save it. It’s too late for aspirin now. What i needed was a 360, a complete treatment. Maybe Johannesburg could help me. We got in Jo’burg at around 4/5 pm, went straight to Jo’burg’s “den”- Park Station. The Horror. I acted like i belonged, trying to not look different but i was freaking out! Anyways,from park station into the gautrain straight to Nomadic’s. Some much happened. Anyways tomorrow was another day. The Following day, I met a couple of creatives- artists in Newtown. Oh, Rusty, Mak1ONE, Breeze, Yoko, Curio and Faith47 to name a few. Forget the urine-stained sidewalks, I felt alive- wondering why Sometimes I forget to look up. I was lost between man and his thoughts. All these thoughts. I visited each one of them. I looked for a home..and travelling got me one- between these graffiti walls. Day 1 and Jo’burg was already happening. I am glad I looked up. I am proud that my heart and legs said “go” and I obeyed. I know I’ll be back, soon. Thank you Johannesburg for helping me celebrate my independence these past holidays, you gave me light, the beaming kind. Pula!
Day 2,3,4 ? Stick around for more. Till next time because you got to meet Jo’burg…more..

…Tell me, why are you still making an excuse? Look up.

Africa is Calling.
the khoi fro


4 thoughts on “The Khoi-fro goes to Jo’burg…dreams close to home.”

  1. “Tell me, why are you still making an excuse? Look up”..found a new ‘pick me up quote’…Loved this post, it actually made me love what you do and who you are even more..Your just so awe-inspiring..You LIVE :)!! From one of your insanely, obsessed fans..Love, peace and nappiness 🙂

  2. Its inspiring to hear that you were actually scared but didn’t cave in, we don’t hear that often enough that when change comes, fear is somewhere near you, I feel more human to be fearfull of taking bold steps but I’m encouraged to try anyway because I will probably be amazed, big-ups to you for looking up! God will never give us more than we can handle or lead us astray

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