“I am because We are”..

This week has been great to me. I thought about excellence and dedication.
Our society tends to focus on “public figures, politicians, celebrities,sport figures and entertainers who do outstanding work and get recognized for their achievements. I am all for achievements, and just as much in favor of recognition for those who deserve it. But what about those who give their best but never receive recognition? or honor? or financial reward? I have never been about that and today I know that Its Okay. God, the universe sees you. That alone should be more than comforting because it’s from the heart and for your heart. It’s for the passion. It felt good to get a nod for something you do because you love, dearly. I am humbled to be featured in one of the world’s loved magazines and sites, ELLE MAGAZINE site, Natura Magazine, TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE- Voted “WE REALLY LIKE” by the Fashion Editor and the team. I am more buzzing because from the pits of my heart, this is for Botswana. “I am because we are.”
I wont lie, I appreciate all the wonderful remarks and comments. Though they did not cure me,they did force me to admit that I might be on the right path to my personal fulfillment. My personal legend. Just yesterday, I’ve sat around the corner, waiting for the African skies to tel me “go”. She cleared and I obeyed my passion. I am more than ready for my next cue..

Through the African Corners..
the khoi-fro vintage shirt

The weeks nods..(FEATURES)
Here are the links to my features..
THE FASHION BOMB DAILY Fashion Bombshell Of the Day: Tsholo
NATURA MAGAZINE Botswana Beauty Tsholo Dikobe
ELLE MAGAZINE Eye on The Khoi-fro

Picture 023
till next time because, I am because we are.
The khoi-fro Fashion Artist.

photography| Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’


9 thoughts on ““I am because We are”..”

  1. We love what u do, which is self expression. just do it from your heart and don’t compare yourself to Legends. Be Humble Keep growing in what you do with sincere love and passion. You keep saying God. So let God and let he take the glory And also remember that when you blog you are opening yoursef up to critique. So never take it personally. I find your blogs a bit on selfish side as many people complimented about the cluthch but you never mentioned the designer. That wonderful lady who commented above. Let her know of Batswana designers. Open your heart more and share more and don’t make it so much me me me! All the very best

  2. The first time i watched an episode of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, i told my mom i’d travel to Botswana one day, run my hands through their beautiful fabrics (i have not yet seen one that compares), buy some, take pictures of their beautiful cities and just revel in the peaceful environment around me. All these, i decided with just one episode. Now, after discovering this very soulful woman, Tsholo and her blog, i don’t just want to be in Botswana right this second, i want to meet you and have a deep, unforgettable conversation with you. Someday, God keeping us alive, God-willing, i’ll get a chance to meet you. Prolly do a feature of you on my blog, you inspire me. 😀 Be kind, love God and keep doing what you love; every other thing will most definitely fall in place. 😉

    1. Hey me love. Yes. Yes. Yes. will do everything that you just stated. Love is a beautiful thing. An open heart and understanding is priceless. Wish you many discoveries. Thank you for seeing my light and what I was really saying. Passion is the only thing I know. And yes, Botswana is a beautiful place. When you come, give me a shout.I’ll be waiting me love ❤❤

  3. Hi Rato. I really think you didnt understand what this post was all about? For a second, try to re-read it and dont try and formulate an idea about what was Not being said. I am talking about doing and serving your heart’s desire regardless of what society is focused on. I am talking about our unsang heros, deserving people such as Roy Sesana, RraTsie Setlhako and those people that our society has turned a build eye on yet they continue doing it for their hearts’ content, their passion. Thats what this post is saying. Do it for the love, even if a nod doesnt come, thats okay. if it does embrace it, like I did with these few. Re-read. ‘i have never been about that’..As for the nods me love, oh i have been blessed. Each new day is my nod, because God. So am covered. Thanks for stopping by. Xx

  4. Keep doing it for the LOVE- the nod, financial gains will come. Last time I checked Fashion bombshells submitted their humble and one day those whose doors you knocked on will knock on yours. I feel like you want some sort of honor?

    1. Heheh..Rato-I find your “criticism” or lack thereof hard to comprehend. She clearly states that she hasn’t been about recognition, honor and financial reward and that she’s okay with that. Her now receiving recognition for her passion is a plus.

      As for her comparing herself to legends, which ones exactly did she mention here? Personal legend here if you’ve read The Alchemist means one’s true purpose. Come on.

      She keeps saying God? she should-she owes all her successes (up to date) all to Him, that is why she mentions Him since you’re saying she should let Him take all the glory.

      If you really follow the Khoi Fro you would have seen and known that she did in actual fact big up the designer of the bag and other items of clothing she was wearing on her Instagram page, she did say they are made in Botswana. So her being selfish,it being about her her her is another dagger you throw without any full proof. In fact it should be about her on this here PERSONAL BLOG. She writes about other people and bigs them up on the fashion column she writes, on the Voice newspaper and other avenues.

      If we are going to go any further as a people in this country and take this fashion and any industry for that matter,further we need to uplift each other. Criticism is allowed but was yours constructive..I think not.

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