I AM..

Inspired by my untold African stories, as I think- I travel, as I love- I attracted. As I put on the glittery make-up I’m transformed into Cleopatra, as I wrap the ankara cloth around my head, moment by moment I realize that, I have a crown on my head – I am a khoi queen.

We could be anyone we wanted. My blog is called The Khoi-fro. I am playing with what it means to be African through our culture and fashion. Khoi means “real people” “people people” of southern Africa who are physically and linguistically akin to the San. I called it Khoi, as a token to honor the almost extinct tribe that is tied to our origins, khoi-khoi. Moreover, their lifestyle and my style are forever changing- As they move from one place to another in search of a life, I travel to places I could only imagine through fashion. As the sun rises I am impressed at how its rays drapes over our sun kissed skin and just beneath my eyes…that’s when Africa flows out of me.

I am a motswana, from Botswana. Tswana word “tswa”, which means “to come out of”.Though I am A Motswana, I have traces of KHOI-KHOI, yet our clan traces their origin from Kgosi Mokgatle. There’s always been a desire to differentiate ourselves through association with a social tribe, announce our ranking in society… or even show off our status and accomplishments. Therefore my blog, the khoi-fro Celebrates our African personalities,modern day and future queens, the arts, the creatives, the discoveries, the achievements and eras as proud people with a rich culture, traditions and enlightenment spanning many years.
Through my blog I embrace our past and construct the future yet offering exposure to a greater mix of cultural influences. This is the portal to so many new cultures. It fundamentally plays the role of being a medium for conversation- for statements, questions and answers, as well as understanding our lives, our past-times and cultures through fashion. It is where I document Botswana culture, fashion industry and everything I find worth knowing about the world of fashion and its influence on society today. Like the khoi, this is an outlet to stamp and leave a lasting record of my life through the tswana-khoi lineage. I added the “vroe-woman-fro” to reflect and remind myself of the capability to stretch beyond the conditions I was born- because I am a woman who, with her entire self represents her uncontaminated roots and learned values.

We could be anyone we wanted to. I chose to be that artist- the fashion artist. The Khoi-fro, I vow to always remember where home is.

till next time because people leave clues everywhere, and if you pay attention, you can piece them together.

Photography | KagoGraphy


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