I AM..

Inspired by my untold African stories, as I think- I travel, as I love- I attracted. As I put on the glittery make-up I’m transformed into Cleopatra, as I wrap the ankara cloth around my head, moment by moment I realize that, I have a crown on my head – I am a khoi queen.

We could be anyone we wanted. My blog is called The Khoi-fro. I am playing with what it means to be African through our culture and fashion. Khoi means “real people” “people people” of southern Africa who are physically and linguistically akin to the San. I called it Khoi, as a token to honor the almost extinct tribe that is tied to our origins, khoi-khoi. Moreover, their lifestyle and my style are forever changing- As they move from one place to another in search of a life, I travel to places I could only imagine through fashion. As the sun rises I am impressed at how its rays drapes over our sun kissed skin and just beneath my eyes…that’s when Africa flows out of me.

I am a motswana, from Botswana. Tswana word “tswa”, which means “to come out of”.Though I am A Motswana, I have traces of KHOI-KHOI, yet our clan traces their origin from Kgosi Mokgatle. There’s always been a desire to differentiate ourselves through association with a social tribe, announce our ranking in society… or even show off our status and accomplishments. Therefore my blog, the khoi-fro Celebrates our African personalities,modern day and future queens, the arts, the creatives, the discoveries, the achievements and eras as proud people with a rich culture, traditions and enlightenment spanning many years.
Through my blog I embrace our past and construct the future yet offering exposure to a greater mix of cultural influences. This is the portal to so many new cultures. It fundamentally plays the role of being a medium for conversation- for statements, questions and answers, as well as understanding our lives, our past-times and cultures through fashion. It is where I document Botswana culture, fashion industry and everything I find worth knowing about the world of fashion and its influence on society today. Like the khoi, this is an outlet to stamp and leave a lasting record of my life through the tswana-khoi lineage. I added the “vroe-woman-fro” to reflect and remind myself of the capability to stretch beyond the conditions I was born- because I am a woman who, with her entire self represents her uncontaminated roots and learned values.

We could be anyone we wanted to. I chose to be that artist- the fashion artist. The Khoi-fro, I vow to always remember where home is.

till next time because people leave clues everywhere, and if you pay attention, you can piece them together.

Photography | KagoGraphy


Botswana’s… African Lace.

I have been AWOL. So much has happened but from today on-wards i have realized that the snake wins only if refuse to suck the venom out. So here I am, sucking out the venom, thinking about that girl who lived centuries ago but died with so much to share but will never have the chance to. So I won’t wash the 2013 stains. What I’ll do is, I’ll pass on that shirt to someone who will appreciate those stains and see them as art. I had an amazing but overwhelming 2013. The very best happened and the worst happened too. God took care of it all. An invite to Mercedes-Benz Berlin fashion week , sky-dived the Cape-Town skies with one of the world champion title holders, front row ticket to one of the world’s classiest fashion weeks, an invite to Africa’s biggest fashion Week, met supermodel Alek Wek, Dr Precious Moloi- Motsepe and so many other inspiring fashion multipliers, bloggers and designers. Traveled. Overwhelmed by God’s love. My family’s. I had so much to think about, so much to do. Made friends, lost some. Cried. Got my heart-broken. Lost the pieces. Re-arranged them back again. Found my smile. Lost it. Found it again through my niece. The cutest niece ever. Yes, North cute. Precious. Precious Dikobe. All in all, 2013, was an amazing year because GOD..

Compliments of the new season, Khoi “real people”.

The stars are coming out. New stars. I have talked to God about it.He said I should wake up and serve. Know that I am back for good. Stronger. Wiser. It’s everything I’ve dreamt of and excited about. 2014. “More sheen”. New year, new ways of thinking-new fashion energies. For me, it’s all about “more sheen”. More sheen on Botswana, its habitants, culture, arts, music, life and most importantly my path, the sciences of appearances, fashion. It’s an exciting time to brand a new Botswana where now the focus is in favor of raiment local Botswana talent.Botswana’s fashion climate needs additional confidence hence I am more than proud to continue providing my community, my country with this platform that encourages a more proactive role in the creative/arts industry.

To cut the long story short, I know that people always walk past coins, even lucky ones because they are consumed into something that is “bigger”. What I am trying to say is, take a closer look, that coin you just walked past- is not part of the pavement. It has its own shine and shimmer.Like you’d praise and wear international brands and designer labels, take a closer look at your home ground, your own sequins and sheen. You have some.

Anyways, Today is a good day to introduce to you to more Botswana sheen. Someone who always agrees with her entire creativity and heart. Neo Motseosi-Ooke. Neo Motseosi-Ooke is a savvy serial-entrepreneur and formidable advocate of creativity and accessories designer based in Botswana. Her designs reach out to you with a unique Lifestyle, full of richness in culture and diversity. They pride themselves in being one of Africa’s crafters of unique handmade accessories in tribal print cloth, Jewelry, shoes, neck-pieces, bags, clutches and cell phone pouches. Her designs are timeless, cultured and rooted. Like her designs, beaming with energy,I sat down with her after hours of styling a set for her designs with my partner Gaone Mothibi (GaTsh Fros) for AfroELLE magazine.

She is simply kissed by the sun twice. Fire made flesh. After what was said, here is her vision.

African Lace. Why the name African Lace, what inspired the name?

I founded African Lace in 2012 as a hobby to take my mind of my full-time job. It’s a brand name I used for handmade products that includes Handbags, purses, necklaces, bangles, earrings, home décor items such as cushion covers, ottoman covers, ,pouches etc. All products are made from colourful printed fabrics. Currently I am focused on ‘African print cloths’ commonly known as ‘Ankara’ and ‘kitenge’.
The name African lace is inspired by the initial designs. I started out making necklaces in African print cloths and they became an instant hit. African represents the origin of the raw material and the end product and ‘Lace’ represents the product’s beauty.

African Lace Botswana

How does your work set you apart?

My designs set me apart from other products in the industry in that I incorporate a lot of colour in my pieces which has become the signature look for all the pieces. The other thing I really work on is making the designs very current and trendy and with outstanding craftsmanship although everything is handmade. That is how the brand has been able to be sustainable because the market is always looking for something new. Working with a small market like Botswana, there is need to always bring a new thing because you are dealing with the same customers.


They say inspiration is all around, What qualities do you see in your favorite designer that you want to emulate?

My favourite designer is Aisha Oboubi of the Christie Brown brand. Although the brand is in a country where a lot of people are doing the same thing it has managed to become distinct and international. The pieces created by this designer are ever so amazing and shows a lot of creativity. And the other thing I like about Christie Brown is that the brand is a trendsetter


Nowadays Social media seems like the root of business start-up. How important is social media to your brand?

I draw inspiration for my designs from the internet, social media such as Facebook and Pinterest and Tumblr. Magazines TV and clothing shops also provide the same. Much consideration is given to current fashion trends when making the products. Social media is the fastest way to get a product across. The age group that use social networks constitutes over 50% of my market. Therefore id say social media is very important to African lace to market the products and to draw inspiration for new designs.


What have been the biggest changes in fashion over the past quarter century, and what do you think the future holds?

My vision is to make the brand international because already in Botswana it is quickly becoming a household name .In the near future I’m looking partnerships with boutiques overseas to supply them in bulk to resell. The main reason is to get the label across to a bigger market and alongside big brands. I believe that big brands will boost my brand.The other plan is to launch a webpage and establish an online store.


Talking about Botswana becoming a household name, How do you think you’ve been able to contribute your own quota to the Botswana fashion industry?

My main contribution to the fashion industry in Botswana has greatly been to bring something new to the accessories industry. Previously the pieces that I design were somewhat exotic and out of reach for most fashion lovers. Now they are available to anybody.


Over the past quarter century Botswana has found recognition in the entire continent with reputable designers like Mpho Kuaho and Koketso Chiepe. Since then more and more designers have emerged each year bringing a lot of diversity and creativity and I would therefore say we as Botswana designers are “getting there’’

What have been the biggest challenges in fashion over the past quarter century? Opportunities?

The biggest challenge is the lack of market. Consumption is for a specific gender. (Mostly women), which means already you are working with a small market. The other challenge, it is not easy to find stockists locally to carry the brand since most shops are from South Africa. Challenge number three, is finding a suitable production method while at the same time protecting the brands integrity i.e. avoiding ‘’copycats’’.As for Opportunities, unlike other commodities accessories are easier to transport i.e. ship out therefore it is ideal to sell online.


Last words to aspiring African accessory designers out there?

To aspiring designers, research is essential. The internet has so much information about any and everything. You have to know the industry, be observant and creative. Sometimes you don’t have to think far because after all, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ – (Coco Chanel). Thank you.


Are you wondering what she might be up to, what to expect for 2014? Here is a little cue below.



My now available EXCLUSIVE pieces from AFRICAN LACE. Though there are 1000 other, fashion forward, different and quirky African chic pieces, these are pieces I think every fashion forward or Afrocentric person should own from African Lace.I Love them so much that I scream like a little girl every time she gives me exclusives pieces to don to these fashion weeks. They are personally my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Whether you want to dress for a special occasion, an event or a casual day, there is a piece for every occasion with African Lace. We are proud of your creativity and consistence Neo.
Le ka moso.
Thank you for these amazing pieces.
IMG_3244 (1)
Here I am wearing African Lace bag for Elle magazine SA feature and TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE SA feature 2013.
Wearing the big statement piece neckpiece from African Lace for ELLE magazine feature 2013.Eye on the Khoi-fro
the Khoi-fro African Lace
In Germany, Berlin Mercedes-Benz African fashion week 2013, bag by African Lace.
At the Africa Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013, South-Africa -Pretoria.

Check out my exclusive Contribution for Botswana fashion for AFROELLE magazine issue January 2014, interviewing Botswana’s African Lace.
AfroELLE Magazine



Photographer: Kago Seatile Kagography (only model shots)
Fashion Stylist: Gaone Mothibi & Tsholo Dikobe,The Khoi-fro (GaTsh Fros)
Make-up artist: Lolo Monareng M.A.C Botswana
Models: JuiceTsile & Naledi Mabena
Designer: Neo Motseoisi-Ooke African Lace
Location: Accuracy Hair Salon

Contact her at

INSTAGRAM| africanlace_by_neoooke
TWITTER | Afrikalace

till next time because I got more sheen.

Kissed by the sun twice.



naledi in blue leteisi bag
Intriguing. Demanding attention. Flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture. It is inspiring and good to see how African design and art have evolved through fashion. Each very unique and special, telling one story or the other of Africa, about How we tucked away this secret. The most certain truth is Africa has always been hidden in plain sight. Today, the new age tells us that Africa fashion is on the rise. Africa has been up, it’s just that we gave just enough information to be mysterious. Not anymore, meet one of Africa’s gems, Ashanti Chique.
Ashanti Chique is a fashion forward, fierce afropolitan clothing accessories label by qualified style and Makeup Consultant Jennifer Osei-Mensah of the Evolushon Images, Image Consultancy Brand. Ashanti Chique accessories are designed for the Urban Diva who is stylish yet proud of her African roots. The Ashanti Chique lady reflects this pride through her use of afro chic, afropolitan accessories in her everyday style choices.
Ashanti chique currently specializes in clutch bags and peplum belts made from modern and traditional African print fabric. The designs are made in such a way to capture the uniqueness of the combination of the various prints, colours and textures of the fabric whilst reflecting the beauty of our African heritage.

We make use of German Print “Letasie” native to the Tswana tradition and “Ankara/Ntuma” native to Ghanaian/ Nigerian tradition.

The peplum belts are detachable and can be used on skirts, tops, dresses or shorts. The simple addition of a peplum belt can take any outfit from drab to fab instantly. The clutch bags were designed with the aim of producing an appealing yet durable piece that could match any outfit, be it cocktail, office or formal inspired.
star in peplum shoulder shawl

We produce a variety of sized clutch bags to suit the desires of our customers. Our introductory range include stiff clutch bags that vary from small to large and envelope bags that are medium in size.

Naledi Fun colourful bag
models in Ashanti
Naledi Lime Outfit
naledi in Belt and bag printed
star in purple peplum
star in Ashanti Chique bags
naledi in leather

We pride ourselves in creating quality, stylishly diverse pieces to suit any personality type.

models showcasing bags

BEHIND THE SCENES. It was a rainy, cloudy day. 6am call-time and we thought the clouds would clear. 5pm, still. They didn’t. We accepted God’s blessings. Welcome Ashanti Chicque, Botswana.

To place an order Contact Evolushon Images on +26771603212 or email, you can also visit our Facebook page


till next time because Botswana got more.
the khoi-fro Fashion Artist


“I am because We are”..

This week has been great to me. I thought about excellence and dedication.
Our society tends to focus on “public figures, politicians, celebrities,sport figures and entertainers who do outstanding work and get recognized for their achievements. I am all for achievements, and just as much in favor of recognition for those who deserve it. But what about those who give their best but never receive recognition? or honor? or financial reward? I have never been about that and today I know that Its Okay. God, the universe sees you. That alone should be more than comforting because it’s from the heart and for your heart. It’s for the passion. It felt good to get a nod for something you do because you love, dearly. I am humbled to be featured in one of the world’s loved magazines and sites, ELLE MAGAZINE site, Natura Magazine, TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE- Voted “WE REALLY LIKE” by the Fashion Editor and the team. I am more buzzing because from the pits of my heart, this is for Botswana. “I am because we are.”
I wont lie, I appreciate all the wonderful remarks and comments. Though they did not cure me,they did force me to admit that I might be on the right path to my personal fulfillment. My personal legend. Just yesterday, I’ve sat around the corner, waiting for the African skies to tel me “go”. She cleared and I obeyed my passion. I am more than ready for my next cue..

Through the African Corners..
the khoi-fro vintage shirt

The weeks nods..(FEATURES)
Here are the links to my features..
THE FASHION BOMB DAILY Fashion Bombshell Of the Day: Tsholo
NATURA MAGAZINE Botswana Beauty Tsholo Dikobe
ELLE MAGAZINE Eye on The Khoi-fro

Picture 023
till next time because, I am because we are.
The khoi-fro Fashion Artist.

photography| Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’


An ode to my genes…

the-khoi-fro-levis1Levi’s. 90’s Levi’s 501, original cut. Great jeans. That’s what my father bought me almost 2 decades ago while he was living in the US. He was trendy without being tacky. I trusted him. But come to think of it now, I realized now that I trusted him because he was well-traveled. He had to have a great taste. He had to have picked up great clothes all the time for my sisters, my mother and I. So, instantaneously I fell in love with the Levi’s jeans. They way they looked against my sun kissed skin.They were a size 30. All my teenage life I wore these size 30 regular fitted Levi’s jeans yet I weighed 38kg!The imbalance. Today i sat and laughed about it. The thought of it, the horror! Yesterday has began to reappear. Every last detail of the fabric, fit, sundries and even the smell of those jeans. Fast-forward to 2011,they were now different. They had somehow changed their authentic smell and shape.They were more like high waist-ed jeans and smelled like different futures! I didn’t know how to feel about this. Maybe I had gained weight, weight I struggled to put on ever since primary school.But I was thankful of how they smelt.I just know that I am sick of the cliché 21st jean smell. Helpless, tired of the endless pursuit of wearing them, Late 2011, i put them in a “mozimbabwe” (a guyanese samsonite bag batswana call mozimbabwe). Apparently in Zimbabwe its called “motswana”. Buffoonery! Story for another day. Years passed. I can’t remember the last time minutes disappeared so quickly!I put them away because they now left a million questions i couldn’t answer. All my childhood, in there, stored away. I had stored away, my friends’ stains, the soiled knees, the windy rain stains,fading lawn stains, the tears, the candy wraps, moments of solitude, i had stored away my precious time. A quarter of my life. Oh. There came a time where I had to look like a certain era for a themed party. Oh. I revisited my happy childhood. My original Levi’s 501 jeans. They were still, in 2012, realer than the nonsenseLevi’s in Options chinese stores. I know this because of their arcuate trademark,material of the patch used and printing on the patch. If the patch material seems authentic, most times the printing is not.If the jeans are anything other than black 501s from the 1980s-if they have that on the label then they are fake. Levi’s leather patches are always pale in colour even when new!Its easy to spot a fake, find Clues in the Hue of the jean,check the correct chain stitched hems including the pocket shape, pocket placement and the shape of the yoke. The rear tag of the fake is made of different quality and colour, and the material is thicker. The original’s rear tag is almost paper-like and paper-thin. Spelling. Check! Anyways, I put my original 501’s on. My heart ached for the lost time. It ached for the places I left, the Godly lived childhood. I knew it was too late to turn around. I felt 1999 again.It was then i knew that,man, i loved these jeans. But i knew that somewhere a “stranger” awaits. Mid 2012, I had to say goodbye to my ORIGINAL high-waisted jeans of almost two decades. I didn’t want to, but I had to. Long story. This time it was never about the fit nor the smell. It was all about recycling joy.

Ever since…I never really had the urge to buy jeans, unless they were really different. Different being washed,acid-washed, ripped or an amazing regular fit. Now leggings happened, totally ruined the jean era. Here is to my “love-hate” relationship to my perfect original 501 Levi’s jeans. I wore them for the last time in 2011 with my brown flat boots. I guess you always remember your first love.

….This is me, dear Original Levi’s 501, I miss you and I know that you are a gift of love utterly unasked for by any tight butt. But since you’ve been gone, I’ve tried these..

tsholo dikobe thekhoi-fro
denim bag
khoi-fro vintage shirt
khoi-fro denim on denim

My butt’s keeper…my Levi’s.

I don’t own these great genes, the pictures nor the work but they are surely some of the good 21st century “genes” that i gravitate towards..
IMG_7074 (1)

Numéro-Tokyo-Carolyn-Murphy (1)
Chanel: Photocall - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture F/W 2012/13
till next time because you deserve great genes.
the Khoi Fro Fashion Artist.

photographer| Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’


The Khoi-fro goes to Jo’burg…dreams close to home.

I experienced the element of fear, uncertainty and doubt. What if i come back in a casket? What if i get mugged. What if…
You see, I love travelling. But I didn’t imagine travelling to Johannesburg anytime soon. If i was to travel to Jozi, it would be by air to O.R Tambo and back. These past holidays,on a Saturday morning, i refused to give up on my dreams. I had to remember my own name. Surely my mother didn’t give me this name for nothing. Tsholofelo. Hope. I had to pay a price of commitment, hopped on the next sprinter with my heart’s keeper and hoped for the best. Yes. A minibus- combi. I Hopped onto the next Combi to Jo’burg. I was going to Jo’burg! The place i had so much fear for, for the longest. “Why wrinkle your soul by giving in and giving up because of fear?”.. I knew i had to go there. Money and Time are a commodity made by man. I had neither, so i had to go. Something awaited…

For the past couple of months, again, i had been feeling like my mind was in intensive care. The neighbours are still gossiping about the same things, latest scandal, the constant complains about the things the government promised to do but hasn’t. Nothing has changed. But I knew that after that Berlin trip, anything is possible and that I am different now. This intensive care feeling, not a single pill can save it. It’s too late for aspirin now. What i needed was a 360, a complete treatment. Maybe Johannesburg could help me. We got in Jo’burg at around 4/5 pm, went straight to Jo’burg’s “den”- Park Station. The Horror. I acted like i belonged, trying to not look different but i was freaking out! Anyways,from park station into the gautrain straight to Nomadic’s. Some much happened. Anyways tomorrow was another day. The Following day, I met a couple of creatives- artists in Newtown. Oh, Rusty, Mak1ONE, Breeze, Yoko, Curio and Faith47 to name a few. Forget the urine-stained sidewalks, I felt alive- wondering why Sometimes I forget to look up. I was lost between man and his thoughts. All these thoughts. I visited each one of them. I looked for a home..and travelling got me one- between these graffiti walls. Day 1 and Jo’burg was already happening. I am glad I looked up. I am proud that my heart and legs said “go” and I obeyed. I know I’ll be back, soon. Thank you Johannesburg for helping me celebrate my independence these past holidays, you gave me light, the beaming kind. Pula!
Day 2,3,4 ? Stick around for more. Till next time because you got to meet Jo’burg…more..

…Tell me, why are you still making an excuse? Look up.

Africa is Calling.
the khoi fro


Botswana Music to know.. F.P.M.G (Old Skul Jushi)

I have gained such an appreciation for my city over the past years. Every bit of it. Its glory, its new rookies, the bubbling under, the mainstreams, the Underground, the next best, The firsts, its new creatives, the wannabes, the has been’, the I will be back, the vacancy, the love, decay and crime. Though I have never made any promises, I only said that I’d try to live and be the best creative observer that I could be. This pas’ weekend i was invited to do a music video styling for BW’S hottest music group- FPMG. I ended up doing mostly accessories styling because from music to looking the part, these guys know how to execute a concept with so much ease. My job was made easier.

Fancy Path Music Group (FPMG).

Excellence, futuristic concepts and great quality production. This is a music group musing on Botswana’s promise, to give you 100% international level production.It comprises of 2 producers and 5 artists of different genres from Motswako, Hip Hop, House music, R n’ B, Jazz and contemporary music. This versatile hip hop group is made up of Sentence, BlaqBoi, Motswaki Vic, DoughBoy, Tido, Khwezi, Prince (Royal Dj) and Spryt. FPMG gives a meaning to what a music group should be- an art-form, not just entertainment, poetic flow not nursery rhymes, intellect more so than wit. Even in their casual songs, strictly for entertainment they still display a tremendous level of talent. They are the perfect entertainment package.
The way their production slays every track they put their hands on makes some of these *wack artists” sound like the next Kendrick, while they sound like they own the genre.

Don’t believe me?
think about lyricism, think about delivery, originality, and sincerity in the rhymes. Then when you acknowledge that, you have to think about production quality and consistency. They never put out sub-par tracks.

The Black Chinese Mixtape was the first project FPMG worked on which includes radio singles such as ‘Grind’ and ‘Mo Sphankgeng’ which are the most recognizable by their supporters. This mixtape was released online and is still available for download. They have an affinity with Chinese’s spirit of team work and ambition to succeed in everything they do. The further added that the concept is also a way of integrating cultures and reaching out to masses beyond their natural skin tone. It was originally derived from the Far-East Asian culture of team spirit,community building and creativity.

SPRYT has made BW’s hottest hits that’s receiving massive airplay right now: Sasa Klaas’- H.A.D.S.A.N, Sasa Klaas’ft Scar – A Ke mo khandeng , Khwezi ft Nature’s – GOOD LIFE, Motswaki Vic’s TSWAKATSONE, Nomadic FT Khwezi & Motswaki Vic- FOR THE LOVE while another FPMG producer, Prince THE ROYAL Dj, has produced hits like FPMG’S ‘Mo Sphankgeng’ Old Jushi, FPMG’S Becha FT JUJU BOY and Sasa Klass “I DID IT” to name a few.

I say they are out here to revive the radio culture. Ages, stages & phases, they are radio’s new voice only at war with their art, consumed in something bigger than luck. On the topic of art, they are currently working on an album entitled the Art of War which is scheduled for release this year, 2013. They say, the Art of War is an album that expresses their struggles and strides in the creative industry seeing it has been a long fight to be heard out as Hip Hop artists and misunderstood by the masses. They use their creativity to fight this ‘war’, other than turning to drugs and a life of crime to take their frustrations out on. Apart from music, there is a movement sub division of Fancy Path Holdings thus its management. All i know is, they collect bruises to breed our humility, but destroy every studio equipment they touch and pen down, just for your listening pleasure. 🙂


from left to right, Doughboy, Sentence, (BACK) Blackboi and Tido, (FRONT) Motswaki Vic and Khwezi.
FPMG: from left to right: Spryt (Producer), DoughBoi, Sentence, (back BlaqBOI),Motswaki Vic, Khwezi, FRONT(Tido).
DIRECTOR S (Smokie Mogapi),Directing.
Old skul Jushi.
Whats’ old skul without Dickies??
Motswaki Vic
Tido and Sentence: Dont let them fool you, their image changes with each song. They are very much hip hop.
Sentence, BlaQBoi and Motswaki Vic.
Apollo D: Tha mayor
Milly, Milly Milez, Milez. Catch up niggas.
Old Skul Jushi Trivia

Old Skul Jushi obtained legendary votes on Yarona FM GOT 3/3 votes last week Sunday and blew people of on Scramble Of Africa with T Izzy, then 5/5 votes on Mojo In The Morning with Scar & Phenyo.

Old Skul Jushi? now that’s a track that could build a whole new music cult and genre. FPMG, now that’s a family that could heal Botswana’s music industry. Look out for Old skul Jushi at The Yarona Fm top 40 at 40, Saturdays Here,
Watch this space, and when you do, remember this post. Filed September 23TH Monday, 2013.


A hearty thank you goes out to:
United Cafe and Eleganza Store.


Watch some of their work here:
fpmg ft JUJU BOY From the bottom
Nomdic ft. FPMG (for the love)”
Nomadic ft Motswaki Vic, Khwezi


till next time because I got more.
kissed by the sun twice.
The Khoi-fro.
Your Fashion Artiste.


Botswana on Fashion and Photography!

Botswana on Fashion and Photography!.


SENSATIONAL SATURDAYS…the weekend that was.

Social and Entertainment Events. Music Artists Launches. Exhibitions. Themed Events. You name it. BLU Muffin ENTERTAINMENT strives for excellence and does it all with class.This past weekend they proved WHY they are still the town’s sought after team with their SENSATIONAL SATURDAY sneakers checker edition, held at the Pavilion. Hosted by Scar and Linxstar, the EVENT attracted loyal “theme yay sayers”. Easy like a warm Sunday morning, this was a chilled event.Beautiful and organised space. Great vibes. Sensationalized occasion. But one thing though, can we just UP our SNEAKER game?

Anyways, HERE are SOME of the steps. Please excuse their cut-unseen faces, just know that God was in their faces throughout. All Love and smiles. 🙂
sensational saturdays 8
Radio Personality/Rapper Scar and The Khoi-fro
sensational saturdays1
sensational saturdays3
The steps attached to the game and name, Peter Ferguson.
sensational saturdays5
Re-defining. Refreshing. Just new rules!

sensational saturdays 2
All in all, I am grateful for THIS MINUTE, the wonderful places and people I meet because of life.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram
Blu Muffin Entertainments.

till next time because i got more.
the khoi-fro fashion artist 🙂


Botswana on Fashion and Photography!

….unconditional love to caging and freeing reality!

If a picture says a thousand words, Petra Rolinec’s are the words!! Intriguing and unique style of fashion photography, her work at the intersection of contemporary photography, represents a very different way of seeing the world of fashion and is truly exceptional. Her masterful use of light, balance and a spare composition create an understated elegance! Inspired by different sources, mainly drawn out of love and seeing things that were created with love for life and all its beauty, she creates an ART- broadly defined! Muted, shadowy, surreal-marking a significant break from the bland aesthetics of photography, hers has captured us and gracefully walked that line between elegance and edge. She turns fashion into an exotic escape. We love her work because, like art in general-doesn’t tell about today only, it speaks truths about yesterday and tomorrow! One thing for sure, Petra surely leaves a piece of her soul in every image- every photograph is her soul’s silhouette. Gain an understanding of Fashion Photography, and appreciate the importance of visual communication within the world of fashion. Botswana fashion photography is on the rise and what way to celebrate this by showing you one of our gatshy favourite fashion photographers here!? Learn more of her gatshy work at

Model Julie Juice Tsile in Botho Chalebgwa botocy creations. Breath-taking!
Model Nature in Delayna Melissa Donica Scott. Fashion Escapism!
Model Michelle Ngaa Chikazunga in Kagiso Lesotlho creations. Nubian Queen!
Model Botho Naima Nanvula in Kagiso Lesotlho designs, gracefully welcomes the golden hour, into town. Love!
The hand that is blessed. Petra Rolinec, the photographer.

PHOTOGRAPHY by: Petra Rolinec/
MAKE-UP: Jennifer Osei-Mensah and Gwen Issacs

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