I cannot express the uneasiness in me caused by these findings that brought a nostalgic intrusion of mystery and beauty all at once. The truth about head wraps has released me from a tyranny of conscious thoughts about my past.

A story about my past is that , In the beginning of times, it is said that head wraps were a standard dress for the enslaved. In the west, they were worn by African-American slaves so as to absorb their perspiration as they worked tirelessly in the harsh sun. Now, the truth about my past is, here, south of the equator before slavery, Africans had identified with it as a communal identity symbol and further used it as a shield to tote water or balance off farm produce on their heads.

Originally from the sub-Sahara, head wraps are worn usually by women to functions or special celebrations as a sign of respect.In my Tswana culture, a head wrap, tukwi,  is an essential cultural token – a concrete token or symbol of identification, and mostly worn as a status symbol and also signals botho “respect. It is donned mostly by married women for special celebrations and occasions like weddings, or used as a veil for widows, but in black.

Fast forward to the modern times, one feet from gold, still painting our own visual meditation, head wraps are still regarded as a significant part in most African cultures. They are nowadays mostly worn as a sense of style -a fashion statement or as an accessory solution to cure a bad hair day. In fashion terms, the bold and ornate the cloth, the bolder the tribal art statement.

As I was skimming through historical articles and journals (Unwinding the symbols) about head wraps, I learnt that it might have been an object of oppression from one vantage point, years ago for Africans Americans but for us, Africans, it shall remain an important token of cultural conversation – a crown rather than a helmet of courage.

Therefore, on this day I say, NOW is the time, more than ever to be ruthless. Be ruthless with ourselves and embrace who we truly are. To the world, respect OUR doek, respect the tukwi, in all its African sherbet hues.

Happy Youth Day!



IMG_2882editedIMG_2868 (2)edited



Photography | Botlhe Dikobe



With the new wave of cool- the unspoken minimalism, social media (instagram) visually cool rule, it’s so easy to lose yourself. It’s so easy to lose your own voice and follow other people’s own perspectives and (fashion) choices.

So, how do you free yourself from these false or unhelpful beliefs that the world throws at you and somehow become ingrained in the deepest recesses of your mind? As I took time off, I learnt that, everything is a self-portrait, so is fashion. I’ve come to realize and accept the fact that, I am colour. I am print vomit. I am more. I am not less. I am clashing personalities, a quirky sense of fashion and humor. I am an exaggeration in my fashion choices. I am not the new wave of suit and sneakers kind of girl. I am all in one and that’s okay. That’s okay by me.

So, when I woke up today, I felt a freeing feeling in the way that I respond to the world that deems being ‘less’ in fashion a thing. I will continue to dress my world, one hue at a time, two prints a day, with or without a nod from the world.

What I know for sure is, the world keeps changing its mind. Better create your own, solidify your identity, and be your “new kind of cool”- all ways, always.


Tsholo Dikobe

Photography | Botlhe Dikobe


CNN interviews GaTsh Fros

What if you wake up one day and receive a call that could change your life forever?
I cannot express the shocking uneasiness caused in me by this intrusion of beauty. Well, on the 10th September 2015 our lives changed when we received a call from CNN headquarters about a feature on CNN for African Voices.What a godly moment for me and my second self, Gaone!

African voices- African Voices highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.

On 10th September,2015, we took out our most fashion forward, gatshy, quirky fashion to prepare for the biggest shoot of our lives yet- CNN interview shoot.

A combination of authentic creativity and new culture, a re-visit of time and a diverse message of futurism was the theme of the day. 6am, we made our way to the world class phoot studio booth, Image Lounge for a fashion shoot that immaculately designed the Africa that we have always known, the Africa that is a portal of inspiration..The Africa that is and not a trend. It was our prerogative to show another side of Africa which the media does not always portray.

Lights, camera, action! We started of showing our designs, the mogagolwane and went on the itinerary for the day which was to show a new Africa, an increasingly prosperous continent which has become the yardstick for defining fashion across the globe and defying judgmental platitudes.

Models: Kaone Monamodi and Nature Inger in GaTsh Fros Kobo collection
Kaone Monamodi in Shorts: GaTsh Fros
Side prop top: Botho Chalebgwa by BOTOCY
Nature in GaTsh Fros, LORE LO OJWA ensemble

MODEL Nature Inger in Aobakwe Molosiwa Leteisi Playsuit.

We took the crew to a place that is so dear to our hearts. The flea market. The flea market gives us those once off pieces that instantaneously makes one’s closet a rich era of yester-year fashion and futuristic fashion duds. To wrap up the day, we showed Botswana’s bestest in street style and a gatshy street style shoot where we showed our style and many of our favorite looks from our closets.

At The end of the day, this was the beginning of our fashionable lives,
Because GOD, ..

Watch the video here, GaTsh Fros on CNN


Model Kaone Monamodi, Tsholo Dikobe, Make up rtist Bojelo Marari, Gaone Mothibi, Nature Inger, Igor
Model Kaone Monamodi, Tsholo Dikobe, Make up artist Bojelo Marari, Gaone Mothibi, Nature Inger, Igor

The team with THE VOICE NEWSPAPER editor, EMANG BOKHUTLO (centre)

A hearty thank you to Image lounge Botswana, Make up artist Bojelo Marari, The Voice Newspaper, Models Kaone Monamodi and Nature Inger. Last but not least Kabelo “K-BOS” Motlhatlhedi.




I have decided to embrace this androgynous side I had shied away from for so long. Here is the simple truth about clothes. Keep the ones you love to wear. Here is another truth, minimalism, simplification, basic, plain, unfussy is a science and i am here to learn.

pic 4

pic 2

IMG_2138 ED

pic 5




tsolo What a freeing feeling it is to tell the world about a system that is not written by anyone but you? A system that lives dangerously free within your thoughts that you can uniquely address, express and expose willingly!

I realized that marches don’t work anymore, but that there is a new kind where you do not really have to SHOUT, or walk it out with a large white board. This new kind, you show. I have never felt so much euphoria and joy to be given such a great platform by the editor of NEW AFRICAN WOMAN EDITOR, REGINA, who asked me to share my work for the New Africa Woman fashion section a while back (5 months ago). This submission made it into the fashion section for NEW AFRICAN WOMAN issue 26, August/September 2014. Moreover, I am humbled and honored to be one of the few, (if not the first) motswana to grace an INTERNATIONAL FASHION MAGAZINE COVER. TSHOLO KAONE MOREMONG


What a great opportunity it is to expose Botswana’s precious gems of creatives and show the world who we are and what we stand for? It would be a sin to miss an opportunity to help another being get the recognition they deserve. Hence we turned this amazing opportunity into an ode to Botswana’s fashion industry featuring BW team of fashion creatives- the “creme de la creme” of BW fashion multipliers & designers, Neo Ooke (AFRICAN LACE) and Kaone Moremong (House of Kay),the amazing models Naledi Mabena and Palesa Kasale, amazing photographer Kago Seatile (Kagography), professional make-up artist Tuauana Reetsang (SCOTSWANA MAKE-UP) for their active minds and amazing point of view on fashion. For the cover, many hearty thanks goes to Raees Abdoola for the rich (billion dollar) cover and photography, Jennifer Osei-Mensah for the face beat (make-up), and Thapelo Letsebe for his unique styling on the spread.

We exposed Africa’s diverse, rich fashion and culture, through the new model of African designers epitomized by these 2 talented Botswana designers who I thought were fitting, have a unique eye and hand finish to best tell our African story. Their garments exhibit a new style of African fashion- a combination of creativity and new culture, a re-visit of time and a diverse message of futurism through their designs. Their intricacy,craftsmanship, and detailing are indeed exquisite. They immaculately design the Africa that we have always known, the Africa that is a portal of inspiration and which is not a trend. This is the new Africa, an increasingly prosperous continent which has become the yardstick for defining fashion across the globe and defying judgmental platitudes.

Welcome to Africa, the Africa they don’t tell you about.

HERE is the work I did – styling for New African WOMAN magazine (ISSUE 26) with my partner Gaone Mothibi.

OUR FASHION CONTRIBUTION _MG_9813 An exceptional headdress, which instantaneously makes any African woman a queen that she knows she is Rich, textured, and proud of her uncontaminated roots _MG_9706 _MG_9876 _MG_9804 _MG_9854 _MG_9555 Practical, desirable with minimalism details proving why her ladylike gestures whose quiet beauty will ensure long after the spotlight has dimmed. _MG_9511 _MG_9648 _MG_9947 DESERT FLOWER: Playing with what it means to be African, fused with African tribal elements to create a contemporary feel. _MG_9952
Get transported and immersed in Africa’s global trotter of bold prints, exotic accents, and earthly brights that take you in and out of Africa. Just a colourful stream of consciousness and creativity that flows out of Africa to the world, perfectly capturing the new Africa- Africa that is vibrant, rich, diverse and most of all, modern and authentic. Now tell me, where to from here? Every home needs a signature piece, and you know Africa’s: Printed, embellished, high-voltage or dual textures. _MG_9767 _MG_9665 _MG_9537

Kaone Moremong’s collection draws inspiration from the sexy 50’s: flowy cuts fused with a touch of African print and chic African Lace head-gear. A case of West meets South.

TILL NEXT TIME BECAUSE..Africa is calling!








FROM: ME (Tsholo, The KHOI-FRO)



I am honored and pleased to announce that I am the BRAND AMBASSADOR for Africa London Fashion Week 2014.

Africa Fashion Week London is a prestigious and esteemed platform that continues to be one of the biggest shows for Africans, Africa and the diaspora in the UK. I am humbled to continue providing my community with this platform that encourages a more proactive role and be a conduit to the public in providing efficient and developed information in all fields of fashion and culture.

The appointment was made by Ronke Ademiluyi, founder of AFWL who stated that I am the right voice of African Fashion , moreover I embody AFWL’s identity in appearance, demeanor  values and ethics. Though I am this year’s brand ambassador, I have also been chosen to represent Botswana to Africa Fashion Week London 2014 with my business partner and friend, Gaone Mothibi as Botswana Representatives. Our role lies in our ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the African fashion, as well as Botswana Fashion to bigger platforms and influence a larger audience to buy Africa and embrace its presence in the world of fashion.


I act as a conduit and a gateway between African designers and the global fashion community to engage and promote our local African industry. This title offers vast fashion industry, much exposure to green economy, coupled with skills to take my career and my intended profession to another level hence enriching and raising Botswana’s fashion climate, further drawn international attention and acclaim from magazines across Africa and the world, as well as attracting a host of international buyers for Botswana designers.

AFWL will help brand a new Botswana where now the focus is in favour of raiment designs by local Botswana talent. Furthermore, we are hoping to raise awareness to the challenges facing young artists and designers and raise funds not only to support their talent but also present their best in creative innovation and commercial success.

This delegation in developing and unearthing emerging or upcoming designers for Africa Fashion Week London 2014 is a clear nod and indication that African Fashion is spoken for all we need to do is think global to go global. Fashion is story-telling our cultures, and I believe in celebrating and indulging in different cultures as opposed to keeping our culture to ourselves.

What a fashion defining moment! I knew all along that I could do it but never in a million years like this…

It’s the extra-ordinary moments like these that I can’t take credit for. To God be the glory!!


Tsholo Dikobe  

Co-Founder of GaTsh Fros



PHOTOGRAPHY | Raees Abdoola  

MAKE-UP ARTIST | Tuauana Reetsang at Scotswana 
securedownload (9)


Converse: Shoes are Boring, Wear Sneakers!

the khoi-fro in converse
I like my shoes or clothes with a little sense of humor. That’s why I love weird shoes or a garment that you can’t figure out in an instant. In life, like they say, you have to take risks. Go for the complicated stuff, then break them. I have “sky-dived” before, cruised an ocean in a mini yacht on a stormy weather,felt the evil but the faith remained stronger.TODAY I stood in the middle of A1-one of Botswana’s busiest lanes. Chuck Taylors on my feet, No care in the world because I am alive! To onlookers, it was probably a stupid thing to do, but to me- it’s “the secret”. Blood-adrenaline rush and going against the rules. Maybe this is all we need. All i know is, on a day like this,my chucks’ gives me light, a little light. The beaming kind.

N.b This was rooted in the mindset of creativity, mischief and rebellion.

I guess what I am trying to say is, find something or someone you love then take risks for it/them-whether a shoe, a person or your passion. Do or Do not, there is no try.
Happy friday 🙂

tsholo Dikobe wear sneakers


Till next time because..tomorrow will be different.


I AM..

Inspired by my untold African stories, as I think- I travel, as I love- I attracted. As I put on the glittery make-up I’m transformed into Cleopatra, as I wrap the ankara cloth around my head, moment by moment I realize that, I have a crown on my head – I am a khoi queen.

We could be anyone we wanted. My blog is called The Khoi-fro. I am playing with what it means to be African through our culture and fashion. Khoi means “real people” “people people” of southern Africa who are physically and linguistically akin to the San. I called it Khoi, as a token to honor the almost extinct tribe that is tied to our origins, khoi-khoi. Moreover, their lifestyle and my style are forever changing- As they move from one place to another in search of a life, I travel to places I could only imagine through fashion. As the sun rises I am impressed at how its rays drapes over our sun kissed skin and just beneath my eyes…that’s when Africa flows out of me.

I am a motswana, from Botswana. Tswana word “tswa”, which means “to come out of”.Though I am A Motswana, I have traces of KHOI-KHOI, yet our clan traces their origin from Kgosi Mokgatle. There’s always been a desire to differentiate ourselves through association with a social tribe, announce our ranking in society… or even show off our status and accomplishments. Therefore my blog, the khoi-fro Celebrates our African personalities,modern day and future queens, the arts, the creatives, the discoveries, the achievements and eras as proud people with a rich culture, traditions and enlightenment spanning many years.
Through my blog I embrace our past and construct the future yet offering exposure to a greater mix of cultural influences. This is the portal to so many new cultures. It fundamentally plays the role of being a medium for conversation- for statements, questions and answers, as well as understanding our lives, our past-times and cultures through fashion. It is where I document Botswana culture, fashion industry and everything I find worth knowing about the world of fashion and its influence on society today. Like the khoi, this is an outlet to stamp and leave a lasting record of my life through the tswana-khoi lineage. I added the “vroe-woman-fro” to reflect and remind myself of the capability to stretch beyond the conditions I was born- because I am a woman who, with her entire self represents her uncontaminated roots and learned values.

We could be anyone we wanted to. I chose to be that artist- the fashion artist. The Khoi-fro, I vow to always remember where home is.

till next time because people leave clues everywhere, and if you pay attention, you can piece them together.

Photography | KagoGraphy


Botswana’s… African Lace.

I have been AWOL. So much has happened but from today on-wards i have realized that the snake wins only if refuse to suck the venom out. So here I am, sucking out the venom, thinking about that girl who lived centuries ago but died with so much to share but will never have the chance to. So I won’t wash the 2013 stains. What I’ll do is, I’ll pass on that shirt to someone who will appreciate those stains and see them as art. I had an amazing but overwhelming 2013. The very best happened and the worst happened too. God took care of it all. An invite to Mercedes-Benz Berlin fashion week , sky-dived the Cape-Town skies with one of the world champion title holders, front row ticket to one of the world’s classiest fashion weeks, an invite to Africa’s biggest fashion Week, met supermodel Alek Wek, Dr Precious Moloi- Motsepe and so many other inspiring fashion multipliers, bloggers and designers. Traveled. Overwhelmed by God’s love. My family’s. I had so much to think about, so much to do. Made friends, lost some. Cried. Got my heart-broken. Lost the pieces. Re-arranged them back again. Found my smile. Lost it. Found it again through my niece. The cutest niece ever. Yes, North cute. Precious. Precious Dikobe. All in all, 2013, was an amazing year because GOD..

Compliments of the new season, Khoi “real people”.

The stars are coming out. New stars. I have talked to God about it.He said I should wake up and serve. Know that I am back for good. Stronger. Wiser. It’s everything I’ve dreamt of and excited about. 2014. “More sheen”. New year, new ways of thinking-new fashion energies. For me, it’s all about “more sheen”. More sheen on Botswana, its habitants, culture, arts, music, life and most importantly my path, the sciences of appearances, fashion. It’s an exciting time to brand a new Botswana where now the focus is in favor of raiment local Botswana talent.Botswana’s fashion climate needs additional confidence hence I am more than proud to continue providing my community, my country with this platform that encourages a more proactive role in the creative/arts industry.

To cut the long story short, I know that people always walk past coins, even lucky ones because they are consumed into something that is “bigger”. What I am trying to say is, take a closer look, that coin you just walked past- is not part of the pavement. It has its own shine and shimmer.Like you’d praise and wear international brands and designer labels, take a closer look at your home ground, your own sequins and sheen. You have some.

Anyways, Today is a good day to introduce to you to more Botswana sheen. Someone who always agrees with her entire creativity and heart. Neo Motseosi-Ooke. Neo Motseosi-Ooke is a savvy serial-entrepreneur and formidable advocate of creativity and accessories designer based in Botswana. Her designs reach out to you with a unique Lifestyle, full of richness in culture and diversity. They pride themselves in being one of Africa’s crafters of unique handmade accessories in tribal print cloth, Jewelry, shoes, neck-pieces, bags, clutches and cell phone pouches. Her designs are timeless, cultured and rooted. Like her designs, beaming with energy,I sat down with her after hours of styling a set for her designs with my partner Gaone Mothibi (GaTsh Fros) for AfroELLE magazine.

She is simply kissed by the sun twice. Fire made flesh. After what was said, here is her vision.

African Lace. Why the name African Lace, what inspired the name?

I founded African Lace in 2012 as a hobby to take my mind of my full-time job. It’s a brand name I used for handmade products that includes Handbags, purses, necklaces, bangles, earrings, home décor items such as cushion covers, ottoman covers, ,pouches etc. All products are made from colourful printed fabrics. Currently I am focused on ‘African print cloths’ commonly known as ‘Ankara’ and ‘kitenge’.
The name African lace is inspired by the initial designs. I started out making necklaces in African print cloths and they became an instant hit. African represents the origin of the raw material and the end product and ‘Lace’ represents the product’s beauty.

African Lace Botswana

How does your work set you apart?

My designs set me apart from other products in the industry in that I incorporate a lot of colour in my pieces which has become the signature look for all the pieces. The other thing I really work on is making the designs very current and trendy and with outstanding craftsmanship although everything is handmade. That is how the brand has been able to be sustainable because the market is always looking for something new. Working with a small market like Botswana, there is need to always bring a new thing because you are dealing with the same customers.


They say inspiration is all around, What qualities do you see in your favorite designer that you want to emulate?

My favourite designer is Aisha Oboubi of the Christie Brown brand. Although the brand is in a country where a lot of people are doing the same thing it has managed to become distinct and international. The pieces created by this designer are ever so amazing and shows a lot of creativity. And the other thing I like about Christie Brown is that the brand is a trendsetter


Nowadays Social media seems like the root of business start-up. How important is social media to your brand?

I draw inspiration for my designs from the internet, social media such as Facebook and Pinterest and Tumblr. Magazines TV and clothing shops also provide the same. Much consideration is given to current fashion trends when making the products. Social media is the fastest way to get a product across. The age group that use social networks constitutes over 50% of my market. Therefore id say social media is very important to African lace to market the products and to draw inspiration for new designs.


What have been the biggest changes in fashion over the past quarter century, and what do you think the future holds?

My vision is to make the brand international because already in Botswana it is quickly becoming a household name .In the near future I’m looking partnerships with boutiques overseas to supply them in bulk to resell. The main reason is to get the label across to a bigger market and alongside big brands. I believe that big brands will boost my brand.The other plan is to launch a webpage and establish an online store.


Talking about Botswana becoming a household name, How do you think you’ve been able to contribute your own quota to the Botswana fashion industry?

My main contribution to the fashion industry in Botswana has greatly been to bring something new to the accessories industry. Previously the pieces that I design were somewhat exotic and out of reach for most fashion lovers. Now they are available to anybody.


Over the past quarter century Botswana has found recognition in the entire continent with reputable designers like Mpho Kuaho and Koketso Chiepe. Since then more and more designers have emerged each year bringing a lot of diversity and creativity and I would therefore say we as Botswana designers are “getting there’’

What have been the biggest challenges in fashion over the past quarter century? Opportunities?

The biggest challenge is the lack of market. Consumption is for a specific gender. (Mostly women), which means already you are working with a small market. The other challenge, it is not easy to find stockists locally to carry the brand since most shops are from South Africa. Challenge number three, is finding a suitable production method while at the same time protecting the brands integrity i.e. avoiding ‘’copycats’’.As for Opportunities, unlike other commodities accessories are easier to transport i.e. ship out therefore it is ideal to sell online.


Last words to aspiring African accessory designers out there?

To aspiring designers, research is essential. The internet has so much information about any and everything. You have to know the industry, be observant and creative. Sometimes you don’t have to think far because after all, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ – (Coco Chanel). Thank you.


Are you wondering what she might be up to, what to expect for 2014? Here is a little cue below.



My now available EXCLUSIVE pieces from AFRICAN LACE. Though there are 1000 other, fashion forward, different and quirky African chic pieces, these are pieces I think every fashion forward or Afrocentric person should own from African Lace.I Love them so much that I scream like a little girl every time she gives me exclusives pieces to don to these fashion weeks. They are personally my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Whether you want to dress for a special occasion, an event or a casual day, there is a piece for every occasion with African Lace. We are proud of your creativity and consistence Neo.
Le ka moso.
Thank you for these amazing pieces.
IMG_3244 (1)
Here I am wearing African Lace bag for Elle magazine SA feature and TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE SA feature 2013.
Wearing the big statement piece neckpiece from African Lace for ELLE magazine feature 2013.Eye on the Khoi-fro
the Khoi-fro African Lace
In Germany, Berlin Mercedes-Benz African fashion week 2013, bag by African Lace.
At the Africa Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013, South-Africa -Pretoria.

Check out my exclusive Contribution for Botswana fashion for AFROELLE magazine issue January 2014, interviewing Botswana’s African Lace.
AfroELLE Magazine



Photographer: Kago Seatile Kagography (only model shots)
Fashion Stylist: Gaone Mothibi & Tsholo Dikobe,The Khoi-fro (GaTsh Fros)
Make-up artist: Lolo Monareng M.A.C Botswana
Models: JuiceTsile & Naledi Mabena
Designer: Neo Motseoisi-Ooke African Lace
Location: Accuracy Hair Salon

Contact her at

INSTAGRAM| africanlace_by_neoooke
TWITTER | Afrikalace

till next time because I got more sheen.

Kissed by the sun twice.



naledi in blue leteisi bag
Intriguing. Demanding attention. Flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture. It is inspiring and good to see how African design and art have evolved through fashion. Each very unique and special, telling one story or the other of Africa, about How we tucked away this secret. The most certain truth is Africa has always been hidden in plain sight. Today, the new age tells us that Africa fashion is on the rise. Africa has been up, it’s just that we gave just enough information to be mysterious. Not anymore, meet one of Africa’s gems, Ashanti Chique.
Ashanti Chique is a fashion forward, fierce afropolitan clothing accessories label by qualified style and Makeup Consultant Jennifer Osei-Mensah of the Evolushon Images, Image Consultancy Brand. Ashanti Chique accessories are designed for the Urban Diva who is stylish yet proud of her African roots. The Ashanti Chique lady reflects this pride through her use of afro chic, afropolitan accessories in her everyday style choices.
Ashanti chique currently specializes in clutch bags and peplum belts made from modern and traditional African print fabric. The designs are made in such a way to capture the uniqueness of the combination of the various prints, colours and textures of the fabric whilst reflecting the beauty of our African heritage.

We make use of German Print “Letasie” native to the Tswana tradition and “Ankara/Ntuma” native to Ghanaian/ Nigerian tradition.

The peplum belts are detachable and can be used on skirts, tops, dresses or shorts. The simple addition of a peplum belt can take any outfit from drab to fab instantly. The clutch bags were designed with the aim of producing an appealing yet durable piece that could match any outfit, be it cocktail, office or formal inspired.
star in peplum shoulder shawl

We produce a variety of sized clutch bags to suit the desires of our customers. Our introductory range include stiff clutch bags that vary from small to large and envelope bags that are medium in size.

Naledi Fun colourful bag
models in Ashanti
Naledi Lime Outfit
naledi in Belt and bag printed
star in purple peplum
star in Ashanti Chique bags
naledi in leather

We pride ourselves in creating quality, stylishly diverse pieces to suit any personality type.

models showcasing bags

BEHIND THE SCENES. It was a rainy, cloudy day. 6am call-time and we thought the clouds would clear. 5pm, still. They didn’t. We accepted God’s blessings. Welcome Ashanti Chicque, Botswana.

To place an order Contact Evolushon Images on +26771603212 or email evolushonimages@gmail.com, you can also visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/evolushonimages.


till next time because Botswana got more.
the khoi-fro Fashion Artist



Today I stepped into myself and asked myself why that one Berliner photographer mistook me for Solange at the recent Berlin Mercedes-Benz fashion week. In my African stance,facing north,a voice pierced through my camera lens! One Berlin photographer hollered Solange’s name. In shock, I turned around to see where the queen of quirk was, and to my dismay he hollered. He hollered At me! OK. Was it because of my hair? Or because of how I was dressed? “You both wear your hair like that and you have a quirky style!” He said. Shocked yet flattered by the comparison, I smiled but I couldn’t stop thinking that I am kissed by the sun twice, while she, shimmers and maybe Solange was really there. Anyways, Story for another day. He went on about how he genuinely thought I was Solange. We went on for about another 10 minutes talking about fashion in Africa, Botswana and my style. It’s only today that I realize that,we are following the same fashion stars. I have loved “off-ish” fashion of mixing and missing prints ever since i could say “mama”. From that conversation with the Berliner photographer, I realized that people tend to listen more attentively to someone based on the chosen art-form depicted in their dress-code. I’ve been told by several people that my style is more or less equals that of Solange. I can’t be more humbled, but a minute amount of anxiety started to tinge all my actions and fashion choices. I had always taken myself to be origi-unique, a quirky individual, but with the rising star of Solange outshining all my individual quirks, was I no longer me ,Tsholo Dikobe- the Khoi-fro Fashion artist? or it’s simply that we gravitate towards the same fashion duds? The latter. Just the other day in a supermarket someone told me how I reminded them of Solange. Not for my looks but what I had on and how I wore it. Today I make peace with it that I might just happen to share the same taste as a celebrity. All i know is I took the compliment and ran with it. And that just affirmed me, that one day, maybe I’ll bump into her in one of these international fashion shows and she’ll tel me how great I look or better yet-that I should style her for an upcoming magazine shoot. Honor. Excitement. Love. Wonderment!

I love her. I mean we are both 80’s babies, and our birthdays are 2 days apart. That must be it. And why did I post this? To keep the dream alive. I am Sending this post out to the universe, that Feet can’t fail me now, while I go searching for my “fashion twin”.
P.S i shall keep you posted on her whereabouts :)……

Now Tel me, who is your “celebrity fashion twin??!” 🙂

mix and matching prints
fur and jumpsuit
floral coat
half shot jean
balenciaga solange_knowles_luca_luca 3_show_backstage
jean shorts
solange and Tsholo (khoi-fro)
tsholo_ khoi-fro turban
left Gaone Mothibi, Right Me, Tsholo the khoi-fro fashion artist.
tsholo khoi-fro
prints khoi-fro
solange knowles 120610
khoi-fro tutu
bold shades and lips
sunset coat
till next time because i got more 🙂
kissed by the sun twice.
Fashion Artist