Temperatures are dropping, run-ways are sizzling,the fashion trends are enchanting and versatile with new themes and some major pizzazz! Whether you sheepishly follow trends, ignore them, or rebel against them entirely, the one thing you can’t do is deny their existence!There is definitely no dimming winter season’s fair share of sparkle in the fashion calendar.
The evolution and transitioning from summer to winter fashion was best embraced and re-defined when LEGiT, a South-African based fashion-forward, style-savvy retail in collaboration with the bubbly, business mogul and ever-stunning Dineo Ranaka- LEGiT 2014 winter brand ambassador launched her LUVDR winter range 2014 in Botswana, Rail-park mall.

“For me the word LOVE is perfect for this campaign it’s all about being true to yourself, being authentic, and real as well as expressing yourself. It’s exciting and big, but so calm, a happy campaign and beautiful partnership”, she said in a recent interview.

Just when you thought winter dressing had run out of ideas, LUVDR range brings you a display of subtle sophistication, impeccable prints, layers of leather, moody colours, gold embellishments, textured and stylish prints,IT leather jacket that sits neatly at the waist and sausage dresses that have the standout factor. The whole range encompasses gorgeous embroideries that are deeply-rooted in tradition but in a subtle manner, taking hold of the fashion world quite unexpectedly.
Winter is not about depressing, dull colours and covering yourself in layers of un-inspired outwear. You want to transform your outfit from drab to fab this winter?

LUVDR range takes on exaggerated proportions for winter with large, chunky gold neck-pieces adornments positioned prominently on colourful sausage dresses, shining beads and luxurious crystals, embellishments that has become key to accent both the femininity and the concept of modern luxury. Whether it’s a boldly printed or inventively cut seasonal sweater or a checked outerwear, these outwear elevated wardrobe essentials are easy-chic pieces to pair with tailored pants or flirty penicl skirt- perfect for sneakily kicking up your day time, night or work outfit.

The entire range revolves around this very idea, mixed in with some global travel inspirations and a pinch of modern edgy sentiments. Speaking to the LEGiT brand manager, Ocean Ngobeni, fashion to them is aspirational. LEGiT is an aspirational brand that caters to the younger market- that young woman who knows she is worthy of following her goals and is not intimidated to do so. It gives an instant ‘feel good-look good”- just the right amount of shine and confidence without denting their pockets. She fashionably admitted that we should look out for long skirts, denim skirts/shirts, chunky heels, peplum pants, leather jackets, sweat pants and baseball jacket as some of this seasons’ hottest buys.
Get a boost from the LUV DR range – look forward to your Mondays, get excited by fashion that makes getting out of bed on a cold morning much easier. No, we are not are telling you what to wear. We are here to inform and inspire, but never to dictate. Your wardrobe is your playground and LEGiT is just showing you new fashion duds you should try. Inspired by love,designed for the real world- onto the LEGiT hangers, and into your wardrobes. LUVDR

Wearing one of DINEO’s 5 favourite LUV DR range-a fit-and-flare body con check midi length dress that compliments the look I am into now, minimalism. Add a black chic coat and you are ready for your dinner date!
Here is how I styled my gift voucher.Check-mate! 🙂
Tsholo inn LEGITLUSDR checked midi dress 2
My LUVDR gift voucher AND some of my LUVDR favorites…
gold strap heel
gold top and LOVE BAG

A big hearty round of thanks to LEGiT for the fab gift voucher, a gatshy wardrobe upgrade and winter ammunition fashion duds, courtesy of LEGiT brand Manager Ocean Ngobeni – I feel loved too!

till next time.. because YOU have to make a statement 🙂

Cut-out boot P399.99
Check midi dress P329.99
Gold Sequined top P199.99
Gold Sandals P229.99
Cream white skirt P199.99

Photography | Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’ (own pictures)
Dineo Ranaka pics | LEGiT website.