I cannot express the uneasiness in me caused by these findings that brought a nostalgic intrusion of mystery and beauty all at once. The truth about head wraps has released me from a tyranny of conscious thoughts about my past.

A story about my past is that , In the beginning of times, it is said that head wraps were a standard dress for the enslaved. In the west, they were worn by African-American slaves so as to absorb their perspiration as they worked tirelessly in the harsh sun. Now, the truth about my past is, here, south of the equator before slavery, Africans had identified with it as a communal identity symbol and further used it as a shield to tote water or balance off farm produce on their heads.

Originally from the sub-Sahara, head wraps are worn usually by women to functions or special celebrations as a sign of respect.In my Tswana culture, a head wrap, tukwi,  is an essential cultural token – a concrete token or symbol of identification, and mostly worn as a status symbol and also signals botho “respect. It is donned mostly by married women for special celebrations and occasions like weddings, or used as a veil for widows, but in black.

Fast forward to the modern times, one feet from gold, still painting our own visual meditation, head wraps are still regarded as a significant part in most African cultures. They are nowadays mostly worn as a sense of style -a fashion statement or as an accessory solution to cure a bad hair day. In fashion terms, the bold and ornate the cloth, the bolder the tribal art statement.

As I was skimming through historical articles and journals (Unwinding the symbols) about head wraps, I learnt that it might have been an object of oppression from one vantage point, years ago for Africans Americans but for us, Africans, it shall remain an important token of cultural conversation – a crown rather than a helmet of courage.

Therefore, on this day I say, NOW is the time, more than ever to be ruthless. Be ruthless with ourselves and embrace who we truly are. To the world, respect OUR doek, respect the tukwi, in all its African sherbet hues.

Happy Youth Day!



IMG_2882editedIMG_2868 (2)edited



Photography | Botlhe Dikobe



With the new wave of cool- the unspoken minimalism, social media (instagram) visually cool rule, it’s so easy to lose yourself. It’s so easy to lose your own voice and follow other people’s own perspectives and (fashion) choices.

So, how do you free yourself from these false or unhelpful beliefs that the world throws at you and somehow become ingrained in the deepest recesses of your mind? As I took time off, I learnt that, everything is a self-portrait, so is fashion. I’ve come to realize and accept the fact that, I am colour. I am print vomit. I am more. I am not less. I am clashing personalities, a quirky sense of fashion and humor. I am an exaggeration in my fashion choices. I am not the new wave of suit and sneakers kind of girl. I am all in one and that’s okay. That’s okay by me.

So, when I woke up today, I felt a freeing feeling in the way that I respond to the world that deems being ‘less’ in fashion a thing. I will continue to dress my world, one hue at a time, two prints a day, with or without a nod from the world.

What I know for sure is, the world keeps changing its mind. Better create your own, solidify your identity, and be your “new kind of cool”- all ways, always.


Tsholo Dikobe

Photography | Botlhe Dikobe


CNN interviews GaTsh Fros

What if you wake up one day and receive a call that could change your life forever?
I cannot express the shocking uneasiness caused in me by this intrusion of beauty. Well, on the 10th September 2015 our lives changed when we received a call from CNN headquarters about a feature on CNN for African Voices.What a godly moment for me and my second self, Gaone!

African voices- African Voices highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.

On 10th September,2015, we took out our most fashion forward, gatshy, quirky fashion to prepare for the biggest shoot of our lives yet- CNN interview shoot.

A combination of authentic creativity and new culture, a re-visit of time and a diverse message of futurism was the theme of the day. 6am, we made our way to the world class phoot studio booth, Image Lounge for a fashion shoot that immaculately designed the Africa that we have always known, the Africa that is a portal of inspiration..The Africa that is and not a trend. It was our prerogative to show another side of Africa which the media does not always portray.

Lights, camera, action! We started of showing our designs, the mogagolwane and went on the itinerary for the day which was to show a new Africa, an increasingly prosperous continent which has become the yardstick for defining fashion across the globe and defying judgmental platitudes.

Models: Kaone Monamodi and Nature Inger in GaTsh Fros Kobo collection
Kaone Monamodi in Shorts: GaTsh Fros
Side prop top: Botho Chalebgwa by BOTOCY
Nature in GaTsh Fros, LORE LO OJWA ensemble

MODEL Nature Inger in Aobakwe Molosiwa Leteisi Playsuit.

We took the crew to a place that is so dear to our hearts. The flea market. The flea market gives us those once off pieces that instantaneously makes one’s closet a rich era of yester-year fashion and futuristic fashion duds. To wrap up the day, we showed Botswana’s bestest in street style and a gatshy street style shoot where we showed our style and many of our favorite looks from our closets.

At The end of the day, this was the beginning of our fashionable lives,
Because GOD, ..

Watch the video here, GaTsh Fros on CNN


Model Kaone Monamodi, Tsholo Dikobe, Make up rtist Bojelo Marari, Gaone Mothibi, Nature Inger, Igor
Model Kaone Monamodi, Tsholo Dikobe, Make up artist Bojelo Marari, Gaone Mothibi, Nature Inger, Igor

The team with THE VOICE NEWSPAPER editor, EMANG BOKHUTLO (centre)

A hearty thank you to Image lounge Botswana, Make up artist Bojelo Marari, The Voice Newspaper, Models Kaone Monamodi and Nature Inger. Last but not least Kabelo “K-BOS” Motlhatlhedi.




Temperatures are dropping, run-ways are sizzling,the fashion trends are enchanting and versatile with new themes and some major pizzazz! Whether you sheepishly follow trends, ignore them, or rebel against them entirely, the one thing you can’t do is deny their existence!There is definitely no dimming winter season’s fair share of sparkle in the fashion calendar.
The evolution and transitioning from summer to winter fashion was best embraced and re-defined when LEGiT, a South-African based fashion-forward, style-savvy retail in collaboration with the bubbly, business mogul and ever-stunning Dineo Ranaka- LEGiT 2014 winter brand ambassador launched her LUVDR winter range 2014 in Botswana, Rail-park mall.

“For me the word LOVE is perfect for this campaign it’s all about being true to yourself, being authentic, and real as well as expressing yourself. It’s exciting and big, but so calm, a happy campaign and beautiful partnership”, she said in a recent interview.

Just when you thought winter dressing had run out of ideas, LUVDR range brings you a display of subtle sophistication, impeccable prints, layers of leather, moody colours, gold embellishments, textured and stylish prints,IT leather jacket that sits neatly at the waist and sausage dresses that have the standout factor. The whole range encompasses gorgeous embroideries that are deeply-rooted in tradition but in a subtle manner, taking hold of the fashion world quite unexpectedly.
Winter is not about depressing, dull colours and covering yourself in layers of un-inspired outwear. You want to transform your outfit from drab to fab this winter?

LUVDR range takes on exaggerated proportions for winter with large, chunky gold neck-pieces adornments positioned prominently on colourful sausage dresses, shining beads and luxurious crystals, embellishments that has become key to accent both the femininity and the concept of modern luxury. Whether it’s a boldly printed or inventively cut seasonal sweater or a checked outerwear, these outwear elevated wardrobe essentials are easy-chic pieces to pair with tailored pants or flirty penicl skirt- perfect for sneakily kicking up your day time, night or work outfit.

The entire range revolves around this very idea, mixed in with some global travel inspirations and a pinch of modern edgy sentiments. Speaking to the LEGiT brand manager, Ocean Ngobeni, fashion to them is aspirational. LEGiT is an aspirational brand that caters to the younger market- that young woman who knows she is worthy of following her goals and is not intimidated to do so. It gives an instant ‘feel good-look good”- just the right amount of shine and confidence without denting their pockets. She fashionably admitted that we should look out for long skirts, denim skirts/shirts, chunky heels, peplum pants, leather jackets, sweat pants and baseball jacket as some of this seasons’ hottest buys.
Get a boost from the LUV DR range – look forward to your Mondays, get excited by fashion that makes getting out of bed on a cold morning much easier. No, we are not are telling you what to wear. We are here to inform and inspire, but never to dictate. Your wardrobe is your playground and LEGiT is just showing you new fashion duds you should try. Inspired by love,designed for the real world- onto the LEGiT hangers, and into your wardrobes. LUVDR

Wearing one of DINEO’s 5 favourite LUV DR range-a fit-and-flare body con check midi length dress that compliments the look I am into now, minimalism. Add a black chic coat and you are ready for your dinner date!
Here is how I styled my gift voucher.Check-mate! 🙂
Tsholo inn LEGITLUSDR checked midi dress 2
My LUVDR gift voucher AND some of my LUVDR favorites…
gold strap heel
gold top and LOVE BAG

A big hearty round of thanks to LEGiT for the fab gift voucher, a gatshy wardrobe upgrade and winter ammunition fashion duds, courtesy of LEGiT brand Manager Ocean Ngobeni – I feel loved too!

till next time.. because YOU have to make a statement 🙂

Cut-out boot P399.99
Check midi dress P329.99
Gold Sequined top P199.99
Gold Sandals P229.99
Cream white skirt P199.99

Photography | Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’ (own pictures)
Dineo Ranaka pics | LEGiT website.


Botswana on Fashion and Photography!

Botswana on Fashion and Photography!.


Botswana on Fashion and Photography!

….unconditional love to caging and freeing reality!

If a picture says a thousand words, Petra Rolinec’s are the words!! Intriguing and unique style of fashion photography, her work at the intersection of contemporary photography, represents a very different way of seeing the world of fashion and is truly exceptional. Her masterful use of light, balance and a spare composition create an understated elegance! Inspired by different sources, mainly drawn out of love and seeing things that were created with love for life and all its beauty, she creates an ART- broadly defined! Muted, shadowy, surreal-marking a significant break from the bland aesthetics of photography, hers has captured us and gracefully walked that line between elegance and edge. She turns fashion into an exotic escape. We love her work because, like art in general-doesn’t tell about today only, it speaks truths about yesterday and tomorrow! One thing for sure, Petra surely leaves a piece of her soul in every image- every photograph is her soul’s silhouette. Gain an understanding of Fashion Photography, and appreciate the importance of visual communication within the world of fashion. Botswana fashion photography is on the rise and what way to celebrate this by showing you one of our gatshy favourite fashion photographers here!? Learn more of her gatshy work at http://www.8tiesbaby.com

Model Julie Juice Tsile in Botho Chalebgwa botocy creations. Breath-taking!
Model Nature in Delayna Melissa Donica Scott. Fashion Escapism!
Model Michelle Ngaa Chikazunga in Kagiso Lesotlho creations. Nubian Queen!
Model Botho Naima Nanvula in Kagiso Lesotlho designs, gracefully welcomes the golden hour, into town. Love!
The hand that is blessed. Petra Rolinec, the photographer.

PHOTOGRAPHY by: Petra Rolinec/ http://www.8tiesbaby.com
MAKE-UP: Jennifer Osei-Mensah and Gwen Issacs

till next time because I got more!



Today I stepped into myself and asked myself why that one Berliner photographer mistook me for Solange at the recent Berlin Mercedes-Benz fashion week. In my African stance,facing north,a voice pierced through my camera lens! One Berlin photographer hollered Solange’s name. In shock, I turned around to see where the queen of quirk was, and to my dismay he hollered. He hollered At me! OK. Was it because of my hair? Or because of how I was dressed? “You both wear your hair like that and you have a quirky style!” He said. Shocked yet flattered by the comparison, I smiled but I couldn’t stop thinking that I am kissed by the sun twice, while she, shimmers and maybe Solange was really there. Anyways, Story for another day. He went on about how he genuinely thought I was Solange. We went on for about another 10 minutes talking about fashion in Africa, Botswana and my style. It’s only today that I realize that,we are following the same fashion stars. I have loved “off-ish” fashion of mixing and missing prints ever since i could say “mama”. From that conversation with the Berliner photographer, I realized that people tend to listen more attentively to someone based on the chosen art-form depicted in their dress-code. I’ve been told by several people that my style is more or less equals that of Solange. I can’t be more humbled, but a minute amount of anxiety started to tinge all my actions and fashion choices. I had always taken myself to be origi-unique, a quirky individual, but with the rising star of Solange outshining all my individual quirks, was I no longer me ,Tsholo Dikobe- the Khoi-fro Fashion artist? or it’s simply that we gravitate towards the same fashion duds? The latter. Just the other day in a supermarket someone told me how I reminded them of Solange. Not for my looks but what I had on and how I wore it. Today I make peace with it that I might just happen to share the same taste as a celebrity. All i know is I took the compliment and ran with it. And that just affirmed me, that one day, maybe I’ll bump into her in one of these international fashion shows and she’ll tel me how great I look or better yet-that I should style her for an upcoming magazine shoot. Honor. Excitement. Love. Wonderment!

I love her. I mean we are both 80’s babies, and our birthdays are 2 days apart. That must be it. And why did I post this? To keep the dream alive. I am Sending this post out to the universe, that Feet can’t fail me now, while I go searching for my “fashion twin”.
P.S i shall keep you posted on her whereabouts :)……

Now Tel me, who is your “celebrity fashion twin??!” 🙂

mix and matching prints
fur and jumpsuit
floral coat
half shot jean
balenciaga solange_knowles_luca_luca 3_show_backstage
jean shorts
solange and Tsholo (khoi-fro)
tsholo_ khoi-fro turban
left Gaone Mothibi, Right Me, Tsholo the khoi-fro fashion artist.
tsholo khoi-fro
prints khoi-fro
solange knowles 120610
khoi-fro tutu
bold shades and lips
sunset coat
till next time because i got more 🙂
kissed by the sun twice.
Fashion Artist