With the new wave of cool- the unspoken minimalism, social media (instagram) visually cool rule, it’s so easy to lose yourself. It’s so easy to lose your own voice and follow other people’s own perspectives and (fashion) choices.

So, how do you free yourself from these false or unhelpful beliefs that the world throws at you and somehow become ingrained in the deepest recesses of your mind? As I took time off, I learnt that, everything is a self-portrait, so is fashion. I’ve come to realize and accept the fact that, I am colour. I am print vomit. I am more. I am not less. I am clashing personalities, a quirky sense of fashion and humor. I am an exaggeration in my fashion choices. I am not the new wave of suit and sneakers kind of girl. I am all in one and that’s okay. That’s okay by me.

So, when I woke up today, I felt a freeing feeling in the way that I respond to the world that deems being ‘less’ in fashion a thing. I will continue to dress my world, one hue at a time, two prints a day, with or without a nod from the world.

What I know for sure is, the world keeps changing its mind. Better create your own, solidify your identity, and be your “new kind of cool”- all ways, always.


Tsholo Dikobe

Photography | Botlhe Dikobe


“I am because We are”..

This week has been great to me. I thought about excellence and dedication.
Our society tends to focus on “public figures, politicians, celebrities,sport figures and entertainers who do outstanding work and get recognized for their achievements. I am all for achievements, and just as much in favor of recognition for those who deserve it. But what about those who give their best but never receive recognition? or honor? or financial reward? I have never been about that and today I know that Its Okay. God, the universe sees you. That alone should be more than comforting because it’s from the heart and for your heart. It’s for the passion. It felt good to get a nod for something you do because you love, dearly. I am humbled to be featured in one of the world’s loved magazines and sites, ELLE MAGAZINE site, Natura Magazine, TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE- Voted “WE REALLY LIKE” by the Fashion Editor and the team. I am more buzzing because from the pits of my heart, this is for Botswana. “I am because we are.”
I wont lie, I appreciate all the wonderful remarks and comments. Though they did not cure me,they did force me to admit that I might be on the right path to my personal fulfillment. My personal legend. Just yesterday, I’ve sat around the corner, waiting for the African skies to tel me “go”. She cleared and I obeyed my passion. I am more than ready for my next cue..

Through the African Corners..
the khoi-fro vintage shirt

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till next time because, I am because we are.
The khoi-fro Fashion Artist.

photography| Khwezi Mphatlalatsan’