The Voice On Fashion Column

Spring is about to sprung!Temperatures are finally dropping,here in Botswana. The sun is out, and our closets are being weighed down with sweaters, heavy coats and corduroy jeans! But hold on, before your spring fever takes control and you start storing all of winter’s warmth away, here are the key pieces that are perfect for winter to spring transition. A light coat, light blazer and a scarf worn over neck, shoulder or as a turban are instant statement pieces that we keeping for the this spring season! While we have fashion nerds that embrace the spring warmth with open arms, open toe stilettos and sandals, other non-spring believers are still pulling out their heavy coats and knit scarves, reluctant to embrace the rays of the season’s sunshine.
What to do? What to wear? Here is your freeing moment, how to wear it now and later, accommodating for a range of temperatures.
The turban acts as a fashion statement in spring and a winter beanie in winter!
accessories (embellishments,bracelets etc)
For Star, a scarf is the ultimate transition piece, while Kgalalelo shows you that she’s hat and skater skirt are spring ready!

Peep-toe stilettos worn with socks, strike a balance!

till next time because i got more!
Kissed by the sun twice.

2 thoughts on “The Voice On Fashion Column”

  1. Hello,I am a fan!As a girl living in Bots, where do you get these clothes?And is it possible to name the stores when you put up each fashion feature so we know?

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