FROM: ME (Tsholo, The KHOI-FRO)



I am honored and pleased to announce that I am the BRAND AMBASSADOR for Africa London Fashion Week 2014.

Africa Fashion Week London is a prestigious and esteemed platform that continues to be one of the biggest shows for Africans, Africa and the diaspora in the UK. I am humbled to continue providing my community with this platform that encourages a more proactive role and be a conduit to the public in providing efficient and developed information in all fields of fashion and culture.

The appointment was made by Ronke Ademiluyi, founder of AFWL who stated that I am the right voice of African Fashion , moreover I embody AFWL’s identity in appearance, demeanor  values and ethics. Though I am this year’s brand ambassador, I have also been chosen to represent Botswana to Africa Fashion Week London 2014 with my business partner and friend, Gaone Mothibi as Botswana Representatives. Our role lies in our ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the African fashion, as well as Botswana Fashion to bigger platforms and influence a larger audience to buy Africa and embrace its presence in the world of fashion.


I act as a conduit and a gateway between African designers and the global fashion community to engage and promote our local African industry. This title offers vast fashion industry, much exposure to green economy, coupled with skills to take my career and my intended profession to another level hence enriching and raising Botswana’s fashion climate, further drawn international attention and acclaim from magazines across Africa and the world, as well as attracting a host of international buyers for Botswana designers.

AFWL will help brand a new Botswana where now the focus is in favour of raiment designs by local Botswana talent. Furthermore, we are hoping to raise awareness to the challenges facing young artists and designers and raise funds not only to support their talent but also present their best in creative innovation and commercial success.

This delegation in developing and unearthing emerging or upcoming designers for Africa Fashion Week London 2014 is a clear nod and indication that African Fashion is spoken for all we need to do is think global to go global. Fashion is story-telling our cultures, and I believe in celebrating and indulging in different cultures as opposed to keeping our culture to ourselves.

What a fashion defining moment! I knew all along that I could do it but never in a million years like this…

It’s the extra-ordinary moments like these that I can’t take credit for. To God be the glory!!


Tsholo Dikobe  

Co-Founder of GaTsh Fros



PHOTOGRAPHY | Raees Abdoola  

MAKE-UP ARTIST | Tuauana Reetsang at Scotswana 
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